Every space becomes office and
entertainment at the same time .

IRIS offers functional furnishing solutions designed to meet the needs of our modern life enviroment To make your time extraordinary Everyday .

We have created a new way to communicate and to interact with their collaborators , to find new ideas and to better themsleves for their clients , Design stories brings together people , designers and architects , who improve the experiences in the working enviroment through their work .

Each product stems from the need to give shape to a necessity , transforming everyday objects into func-tional components that are capable of eliciting emotion .

What We Can


Customer Service
Iris company provide the interior design expertise which help the client to find the
smart and modern solutions and fulfil all the needs through different space solutions and by creating the suitable work environment.
In addition, we commit to provide 3D shots through our expert staff which enable our client to visualize the work space and color combination before production and actual installation.
Manufacturing and Maintenance
Our factory is distinguished with Latest furniture and wood work machines, in addition to a specialized, engineers & technician employee which guarantee a very high quality and a competitive production time.
We also committed to an accurate after sales service through free transportation,
installation and maintenance to all of our products.Also provides industrial guarantee for at least 3 years.